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Massage Virginia Beach

A massage just isn't about relaxing. It has many health benefits as well and can be an alternative to western medicine for some health conditions and injuries. Massage can help with anxiety, digestive disorders, fibromylagia, headaches, TMJ pain, trouble sleeping & soft tissue injuries such as muscle sprains or strains. Massages also can help with emotional stuff as well people leaving feeling cared for, comfort & a connection.

Swedish Massage Virginia Beach (757) 453-3101

Swedish Massage

The Swedish Massage is both relaxing & energizing. The benefits include reduced stress, increased flexibility & range of motion, improved posture & circulation, flushes out toxins & so much more.

Deep Tissue Massage Virginia Beach (757) 453-3101

Deep Tissue Massage

This Deep Tissue Massage targets the inner layers of the muscle & connective tissue by applying a substantial amount of pressure & using slow deep strokes. It can promote faster healing by increasing blood flow & reducing inflammation.

Hot Stone Massage Virginia Beach (757) 453-3101

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is the common techniques but uses a warmed smooth & flat stone. Some stones are also placed along the back, hands, feet & stomach. The heat from the stones help the therapist get deeper into the muscle without having to use a lot of pressure.

F. A. Q.

You undress to your comfort level. The only area exposed is the area being massage & drapping is used to make sure you aren't exposed.

Bon Vital & Body Choice.

I use both nut & non nut based products to avoid any allergies.

Yes, you'll have access to a shower if you want to use one.

Yes, my services are true time if you come for an hour massage you'll be massaged for an hour not 50 mins like everywhere else.

If you have something specific you want me to use on you, you can bring it & I'll use it.

Massage Virginia Beach Reviews

Amber did an amazing job. I went in with pain in my back & walked out feeling great. I'd highly recommend her.

I was referred to Amber by a friend. I was a little skeptical at first but she was amazing. She was very professional & did an amazing job. I don't regret going & will be returning.

Love her. She does gret work. Highly recommend her. I won't be using anyone else.


132 Runaway Bay Dr #310
Virginia Beach, VA 23452


Phone: (757) 453-3101